"We guarantee fresh and healthy products for all the tables in the world."

Andrés Sánchez - General Manager


Our processing plant has chain of custody certification under the MSC standard, which allows us to work with products with ASC certification, in this way we guarantee that our raw material has been harvested, ensuring compliance with environmental sustainability and social responsibility.
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Today's consumers are increasingly strict and seek that the products they consume meet and exceed their expectations, which is why we made the decision to obtain the BRCGS certification, which is one of the most demanding certifications related to food safety. in the world, having a certification like BRCGS is to bring Exportquilsa & Productores Asociados SA at a higher level in front of our entire supply chain, in addition to being able to certify that the products we export are processed under the highest Quality standards and ensure that our management system is capable of responding to any eventuality that may arise , guaranteeing business continuity over time.
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We have a certified control and security management system, which allows us to recognize, measure, evaluate and monitor those risk factors associated with the activity and contexts of the company, in this way we can act and take appropriate actions, in such a way that we can prevent the materialization of illegal acts.
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Issued by our competent authority Undersecretary of Quality and Safety (SCI), which is responsible for controlling and verifying compliance with standards in terms of quality, safety and traceability of food products related to the aquaculture and fishing sector. We receive semi-annual audits by official SCI verifiers to determine if the establishment is in sanitary compliance.
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Issued by the National Agency for Sanitary Regulation, Control and Surveillance (ARCSA), an entity attached to the Ministry of Public Health that is in charge of controlling and monitoring the minimum hygienic-sanitary conditions for the operation of establishments that process products for human consumption. We receive unannounced audits by ARCSA technicians to determine if the establishment and its processes comply with ARCSA resolution 067.
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This certification reflects the faithful commitment that Exportquilsa's Senior Management has towards its employees, generating spaces that ensure welfare, fair treatment and empowerment, with this we achieve that our employees feel their work area as a safe and comfortable place, thus guaranteeing excellence in our processes and products.
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At Exportquilsa & Productores Asociados S.A. We are committed to guaranteeing quality, safety, and authenticity in all our supplied products , fulfilling our commitment to continuous improvement; motivating the development of a culture of quality, through activities that involve our entire supply chain, all of this as a tool for progress and positive change. We abide by local and international laws with total transparency, thus satisfying our collaborators, clients and the community in general.

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For the third consecutive year, Exportquilsa won the Gold Products, Gold Enterprise Award at the Fuzhou fair, which rewards the most outstanding companies for the production of high-quality products.