Our processes comply with good manufacturing practices that ensure that our products are processed under rigorous quality standards, we have a work team highly qualified, and thus be able to guarantee the best quality and send fresh and healthy products to all the tables of the world.


We permanently control the organoleptic, microbiological and physical-chemical properties of the shrimp at the time of receiving, processing and packing it.


We have suppliers qualified and verified by the National Fisheries Institute of Ecuador. We comply with our procedure manuals under the HACCP preventive food safety system.


A careful washing is carried out on the shrimp, in order to ensure its quality by removing residues unrelated to the process, then the selection is made manually with qualified personnel.


The shrimp is classified by size according to the needs of the clients, we have high-tech machinery and equipment.


The shrimp is peeled and/or deveined manually, we offer a variety of presentations according to the client's requirements.


It is packed according to technical specifications requested by the client. Weight, quality and count are key factors in this process. We have an automated labeling system using a QR code, which allows us to control traceability and the amount of product processed per customer on a daily basis.


The freezing methods we have are the following: Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) IQF is a type of freezing in which it allows quick and individual freezing. This type of freezing helps to take out the shrimp one by one. Individual quick freezing in brine (IQF) They are frozen individually, the difference from traditional IQF is that it has a special flavor with a combination of salt and sugar that makes the shrimp taste unique and delicious. block freezing A glaze of water is placed to be able to pass through the freezing tunnels until reaching the appropriate temperature and freezing and that the product comes out frozen as a block.


Once the product is frozen, it goes to the cold room, which is at a temperature of -25°C, which allows the product to be kept in perfect condition.


The product is shipped in the container under strict control standards, they are constantly guarded and monitored. This process is supervised and controlled by highly trained personnel, ensuring the quality of the product until its final destination.

We have the highest technology traceability by QR code
We have the highest technology
traceability by QR code


At Exportquilsa we are aware of all the consequences that COVID-19 has brought to the entire world, which is why we are even more committed to safeguarding the health and safety of our collaborators and to sending products abroad with the highest quality standards. and safety, we have implemented a series of protocols with strict biosecurity measures when entering and leaving our facilities.